Travel Journal – USA 2012

In 2012 my husband and I travelled to the States for 2.5 months. It was a bucket list item we wanted to tick off our list. As I am an avid scrapbooker, I like to journal my travels. I recently found the notes, so I thought I would share with you the notes from our holiday. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels.

1.6.12 – Leaving for LA

Well the day has finally arrived and we are now on our way to the USA. Dave is a tad excited and I’m not sure how I am going to contain his excitement on the 14 hr + flight.

Our flight out is scheduled for 12.35am. And then connecting in Brisbane to LA.

My children are here and waiting for our flight and to say goodbye. When we got to the counter to check in we were told that the flight wasn’t leaving until 1.20pm. So I was just a tad annoyed that I didn’t check before leaving home. My son Blayde is starting to get agitated and tired and annoying, so its time to say goodbye. This is going to be hardest thing I have ever done.

So after many tears, hugs and kisses, the children have left and now we are waiting for the plane. We were informed that its been circling due to fog and that it should be landing soon and then we can board after its been cleaned etc. At this stage I’m starting to think we may not make our connecting flight.

So after quite some delay, we have finally boarded the plane and by the time we left  it was 2.40am. I certainly hope that the pilot can make up some speed to get to Brisbane on time.

Well we arrived in Brisbane at 9.00am. Our flight to the USA is leaving at 10.30am. We made a mad dash to the bus transfer and checked in at the counter.  The girl on the counter decided to tell us her life story with not a care in the world that we might just miss our flight. She said no your going to be fine. So suitcases checked in, now half a mile hike to the terminal. So much for seeing a little of Brisbane . The only thing we are seeing is that flying kangaroo on the tail of our aircraft. Lucky for us they were a little behind in boarding the flight for LA.

So now its time to board the plane and think about how I am going to make the next 14+ hours with my husband jumping out of his skin and not thinking about work and all the things he didn’t get to do before he left. Think I will take some drugs, drink some alcohol and watch some movies and if all else fails….give Dave the drugs!!! LOL

Catch you all on the flip side.



My son saying goodbye to Blue Bear before he takes his journey to the USA.

1.6.12 – Arrival LA…Living the day over again.

Wooohooo I have made it through that long flight with little sleep, not much to eat and without being sick. So its going to be a good day.

It now time to get the luggage and find the customs to have the passport stamped. We were the last ones through the customs, as we waited in line for 25mins, only to be told that we need to fill in a white form back at the information counter. Dave got a little pissed at this stage. This could turn ugly.  So we filled in the forms and headed back to the customs counter. We passed all the checks and now to pick up the luggage.

We are now off to find food and drink and work out how to get to our little bungalow. I can tell Dave needs food and drink, he is like a feral cat locked up in a cage. Man men can be so hormonal.

Off to find a taxi and check out the pad for our stay in LA for the next 9 days.

So $80 later , we finally arrived at our destination. First stop , shower….man being in the air for that long and the drama’s of flights etc, that was the best shower i have had in a long time..

Checked out the bungalow. It is beautiful and is located quite central to get to attractions around LA, I am going to enjoy my stay here.

 Its time to head to bed and catch up on sleep and surface some time tomorrow. Then we will head out and find a rental car , so we can visit the sights and sounds of California.

Night or afternoon in whatever part of the world you are


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