Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Venice Beach


Venice Beach/Santa Monica

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

Today we headed out with to Santa Monica to check out the pier and muscle beach.

We have hired a car for the week, and we are going to give this driving on the wrong side of the road a try. Look out everyone there are tourist on the freeway!!!!

Managed to find our way there with the mobile for guidance…must go and get GPS otherwise this phone bill is going bankrupt me.

It was beautiful weather today and I actually experience my first LA sunburn…just a little on my shoulders.

Took Dave to the Pier and showed him around.


Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

We took a few pics and then had some ice cream before we tackled the walk to Venice Beach.

Wow I did not anticipate how long it was….man I sure am sore tonight. I think we must of walked at least 20kms . At this rate I will come back slim and sexy….Lots of exercise.

Walk to Venice Beach

Walk to Venice Beach

Well we had a great time looking at the sights, and believe me there were some unusual sights and some just shouldn’t be mentioned…interesting.

One of the street performers

One of the street performers

It has been an extremely long day and I am exhausted. I am now going to go and crash. I reckon I am going to sleep well.

Bye for now

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