USA Travel Journal 2012 – San Francisco – 17.6.12

After driving through the city yesterday and having such a bad experience trying to find accommodation etc, we ended up finding a little motel in San Rafael. It was about 25mins from the city. I managed to convince Dave that we needed to find somewhere to park and hop on the bus and take in the sights of San Francisco.

We didn’t come all this way not to see the bridge. Thanks to my wonderful friend Tracy Randell, we did exactly thatSONY DSC We definitely shouldn’t go on first impressions. I am really glad that we decided to take that bus tour. We made our way from Fisherman’s Wharf, where we stopped to buy a jumper…yep you guessed it…only summer clothes packed. So I now have a new pink jumper for my collection. It was chilly. Along the way we came across a man who sits on the sidewalk behind some bushes…he has been there for years doing the same thing, he is a bit of an Icon. He waits for his op tune moment and then will jump out from behind the bushes and frighten the life out of people. So you can hear a few screams here and there and some profanities and lots of laughter. He was hilarious.

We then caught the bus to take our tour. About 90 mins. Seen many parts of the city and then they took us over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a cold and foggy day, that it wasn’t the best view unfortunately but just to say that we actually drove over it is amazing. Mind you so glad that I had bought that jumper , as we were in an open top bus….lets just say the headlights were definately on!!!!! Icicles to be exact!!! The most bizarre thing was after we crossed it and came out on the other side, the sun was shining and it was warm and the bridge looked beautiful.




We then had to brave the elements again and cross back to the other side. Only this time it was worse. So much colder, that I was actually hiding behind the bus seat and snuggled into Dave, teeth chattering. We made it back to Fisherman’s Wharf and headed for the Hard Rock Cafe…had to get my hurricane glass and great excuse for some great food. We had a bite to eat, took a pic with Blue Bear and our server and headed back to the car.

We then hit the freeway onto our next destination. We found a place called Dunnegin and stopped here for the night. Its just off the highway and its so quiet. We have our own parking spot and the bed is comfy, hot water and clean fresh towels.

So now its time to call it a night , ready to start it all over again and find the next destination and see what gems we can find hiding around the next bend.



Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Yosemite 16.6.12

Well today we headed off from Big Pine on our way to San Francisco via Yosemite.

It was a beautiful day and we were looking forward to seeing some different country side. Didn’t want anymore windy roads, I had had enough of roller coaster rides for one life time.

We started out with the air con cranked and as we got closer to Yosemite it got a little cooler, so we put the top down on the convertible after some slip, slop and slap and enjoyed the breeze blowing through the hair. Well I had my hat on, so not sure how much hair blowing was going on. We saw some amazing sights. There were waterfalls coming out of the rocks along the road, there was snow capped mountains, sparkling lakes and we even seen some of the local wildlife. Every turn of the road there was something more jaw dropping to see. It was simply breath taking. I had my camera working overtime.

2014-08-05 13.05.00 2014-08-05 13.04.30

When we got out the other side and started to head down the mountain, we had another road full of twists and turns…I was not looking forward to that. Dave took it slow, as we didn’t want a repeat of the previous nights performance of me out the door heaving….well it turns out that Mr Patrol Car was behind us and decided it would be a great idea to flash his lights at us and for us to pull over. He asked why we were going so slow down the hill. Told him that we were just following the road signs…well apparently they are only precautionary signs and the limit was 55 miles. Well good luck to you if you think your car is going to go down there at 55, unless you planned on taking it sideways off the hill. So we were told that if there is more than 3 cars behind you that you need to use a turnout (side clearing) and let them pass. So that was one for the record books….DAVE BEING TOLD HE WAS TOO SLOW!!!! LOL. I’m sure the cop laughed all the way down the hill and told his mates about it after his shift finished , how the Aussie tourist was doing 15mile down a mountain side in a mustang!!! lol.

So once we were back on the highway, Dave made sure that he made up for the lack of speed going down the mountain. We made it in to San Fran only to find that the rooms were so expensive and that some US Open was on, as well as some other events. Trust me to have the worst timing. By this time, we were both tired and grumpy and fed up and just needed a bed and shower. So the trusty GPS got a workout finding a place to stay outside of the city but within enough distance to come back in the morning. Hopefully with much better attitude. Coz right now, I’m not liking San Fran a lot.

So I must go now and look forward to your comments.

Take care and have a nice day

Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Road to Big Pine 15.6.12

Well that was some ride…Dave finally got me on that Rollercoaster, only this time it had 4 wheels and never left the ground!!!

After leaving Vegas we headed towards Bishop, which I had used as a focal point to be near Yosemite, before heading to San Francisco. We went through North Las Vegas, where we stopped to do our laundry. This place was again very Hispanic. Spanish is written everywhere. The laundrymat we stopped at was that clean that I think we could of eaten off the floor and the machines where so well maintained that you didn’t mind that you had to spend 1 hr in there doing laundry. They had drink machines, icecreams and snacks and TV which had cable TV.248121_10150908621283041_1113743770_n

Then we found a huge swap meet. It went for miles. We had to stop and look. Mind you had to buy a umbrella as the temp hit 105 F (45). Boy it gets toasty out here in the Desert!!! My skin is certainly letting me know. The water seems so harsh compared to home, so having to smother myself in moisterising cream every night or I spend the whole time scratching like a monkey with fleas!!! Did a little shopping there. Cheep Cheep!!

Then it was time to hit the road and start this journey. The GPS was set and off we went. Well for about 100 miles or so the road was just one straight highway into the mountains. This was my chance to drive on the opposite side of the road. Now that was an experience. 294942_10150908622873041_324459720_n

This stretch of road reminded me of the Australian Nullabor, so we had the radio cranked with Classic Rock and plenty of conversation to be had. 481149_10150908623158041_2029818164_n

We then headed onto another highway. Well that was fine for about 50 miles or so and then we hit the rollercoaster ride from hell. Thank God I had decided to let Dave take over the driving. For the next 30 miles we hit the worst curves and hills I have ever experienced in my life, to the point where I was screaming a little and maybe used a few curse words and then started yelling ‘Stop’….yep all that twisting and turning and Jodie’s stomach said…’Gonna be sick’….so on the side of a mountain, I was out the door vomiting. Certainly hope we never encounter roads like that again.

Must say these are the experiences that will last a lifetime. What a road trip!!! By the time we got to the bottom, those lights in the distance where such a welcoming sight, that we both said screw trying to get to Bishop.


So we just pulled into the closest Motel and got some food. Well that was the best decision ever, we got a room for $60. Hot shower, fridge, microwave and one comfy bed…who needs 5 star hotels???

Then we saw a little place called Rossi’s Steak and Spaghetti, in North Main St, Big Pine. It sounded fantastic. The place was so welcoming and the girls in there were just the best. Food to die for and their motto is ‘You will never leave here hungry’. Well that was certainly true. We ordered one meal of spag and ravioli. Big mistake. Before that came out, it came with Salad, homemade dressings, jug of cooldrink, water and the best home made bread I have ever eaten. That in itself was enough…kind of thought maybe we don’t need the pasta. Well when they wheeled the meal out, we just about fell off the seat, we thought for sure she had mistaken that we only needed one meal. No turns out that was one meal halved..OMG Dave and I won’t need to eat for a week…Now have you ever seen a grown man try and eat half a meal….funny shit!! Just lets say this was going to be our breakfast. So full as googs and ready to curl up in bed. We left a comment in there guest book, a great tip and hugs all round and left feeling like we had just made friends for life.

So if you are ever calling through Big Pine , be sure to call in here and say Hi and tell them Jodie and Dave sent you!!

Its now time to hit the road again. I look forward to the adventures ahead. Looking forward to seeing Yosemite.

Have A Nice DAy!!!

J xoxo