Road to Steamboat Springs – 23.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal

After our day of rest in Salt Lake City, today we set off again on our road trip. We started the morning by looking at a swap meet where we went to the Drive In last night. It was nothing like our swap meets. Its more like our commercialised markets. Anyway we picked a point on the map and started driving. Again we headed through mountains and then we hit desert and then great lakes. The scenery is just something to be seen. At every twist and turn it changes.

Also on our way through we stumbled across a Car Show. Dave was like woohooo lets go. So we got to see some really beautiful cars and dream about one day, having one of our own classic cars. After spending some time drooling over the cars , we decided to get back out on the road and continue our journey.

Dave with his new

Dave with his new car…lol

Car Show - Utah

Car Show – Utah



We have now stopped in a little place called Steamboat Springs. It reminds me of an old town from the western era. We found this lodge right in the main street and luckily for us they had one room left. We were so lucky to get anything coz there happens to be a rodeo on this weekend. Well its finished now, but I guess they are booked out all over the town. Not that we minded at all, the place is beautiful, the room is clean and tidy, has a fridge and microwave and free internet. Couldn’t ask for more. I am looking forward to exploring this place a little more tomorrow. Well I must go now, as have heaps of pics to upload and we are going to check out the rodeo.

Ready to Rodeo

Ready to Rodeo

Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy!!! Thats what I think anyway 🙂

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