Miami Day 2- USA Travel Journal 2012


Another hot day today, I actually pulled out the dress to wear. Got a little sunshine. We had a sleep in and then headed into Miami to find the Hard Rock to collect another glass 🙂 and then checked out the marina. It was beautiful. I found a little stall that makes street signs, so I was able to get the Jovi sign after all…hehehe!!!

We then headed back to our pick up sight to join a tour of Miami. We had a bus tour for an hour and a half and then boarded a boat for around another hour. It was nice to be on the water and checking out the mansions along the pretty. The likes of J lo, Enrique, Shakira, Cher, Gloria Estefan, Antonio Banderas all have homes along here. Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor had homes here too at one stage. Mind you I only got the names from the tour guy as these names were all said in English…he spoke Spanglish most of the time. It wasn’t a great tour. The bus driver was so much better. He told us about certain areas in Miami where it was great to party, where the stars once lived.


Once that was over we headed out to our stop for the next two days – Florida City. We are off to Key West in the morning for the day and I am hoping in the next few days to book a cruise to the Bahama’s.

Well time to call it a night. Big day tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying our adventures. I know I am. Its one I will never forget.

Missing my babies like crazy and I think I feel a countdown coming on.

Love to you all


xxxMiami Skyline

Miami Skyline

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