Miami – USA Travel Journal 2012


We are in Miami tonight and by gingees its hot. Its like being in Bali in the blistering heat. I was a big ball of sweat this afternoon.

I had the address for Miami Ink in the GPS as the first stop…lol. It wasn’t hard to find but you would walk right by it in the street if you didn’t have the address. It looks nothing like it does on the show. They need to trim the palm tree out the front so you can see the tattoo sign. Not sure where the Love Hate bar is, as its not next door as I thought it was and there was none of the guys there.  It sure would be nice to walk in to one of these places and see them standing there and get the elusive pic.

We then headed to South Beach which was just straight up the street. It was beautiful. The sand really is as white as you see it on the TV and the water was so clear. Dave and I went for a walk along the beach and dipped our toes in the water and much to both our surprise it was so warm. Kind of wish I had my bathers on, as I think I would of been taking a dip and for those that know me, I don’t go in the ocean…thats for the sharks!!!

We then went to find a tourist info place to see what tours were around. We are booked to take a tour tomorrow to see the sights of Miami. It involves a bus and a boat. I sure do hope its a big boat and not on choppy water, or Jodie may just have to skip that part of the tour…don’t fancy feeding the fish!!! Then we are heading to Florida City to stay the night and we are heading to Key West the following day. I am hoping to maybe sneek in a weekend to the Bahama’s 🙂

Well better get my beauty sleep and look forward to discovering Miami Florida.

Take care



On the beach in Miami...beautifulOn the beach in Miami…beautiful

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