Graceland – USA Travel Journal 2012


Today would of had to of been a highlight of my trip. This was another bucket list item that I got to tick off.


Today we headed to Graceland. Wow what an amazing experience. It was so surreal to think that we were in the same building, walking on the same ground that once was graced by “The King” himself. He truly was an amazing man and so generous. When you go through the house , you can clearly see how much he loved his family and how much he just wanted to help those less fortunate. He presence can still be felt there. It is just so hard to put it into words. Its such a shame that he had to leave us at such a young age, but boy did he make an impact on it while he was here. Even though I was old enough to know who he was, I remember growing up listening to his music as my mum is a huge fan. It truly was an experience I will never forget and would totally recommend to anyone to do it if you ever get the won’t be disappointed.

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I was amazed to learn that when Elvis purchased the property, he paid just over $100, 000 for it. Now while that would of been an obscene amount of money back then, it is a steal now. The place is huge. They have kept the house completely as Elvis had left it. The decor is unbelievable. No expense was spared. Elvis truly believed in over the top. One fact that I found fascinating was that he never wrote any of his songs. Amazing.


Dave and I really spent some time here and it was kind of freaky when we came to his head stone. Elvis is actually buried here with his mother and father and grandfather. I kind of felt like I was intruding on a very personal place but feeling very privileged to be able to pay my respects to a wonderful musician, great man and a devoted father. What an unforgettable experience.

Dave and I left there in awe of a man that changed the world of music and the lives of many.

Rock on Elvis!!!


We spent the afternoon on the riverboat learning about Memphis and those that worked on the Mississippi River. The historical cruise was very interesting. Our tour guide was great too. He knew his stuff. We are certainly learning a lot about this country and their history. I probably know more about this country than my own…lol.

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After the cruise we took a stroll down the main st with the many clubs, pubs etc. It has the same feel as New Orleans. I really do love the South and the people here.


Anyway time to get to bed, ready to hit the road again tomorrow.



Road to Norton – Kansas 26.6.2012 – Travel Journal USA

We spent most of the day at the Wildlife Sanctuary today. This place is located just outside of Denver. It was amazing. This place is home to big cats and bears. It is the only place I have ever been able to see them so close. They were just gorgeous.
They are so well cared for that at one stage a rabbit was hopping through the enclosure and the lion just chose to lay in his cement pipe and didn’t even bat an eyelid at a meal hopping by!! It was extremely hot too. I think it got to around 43 or so. We had to make sure we were hydrated. The platform around the sanctuary is a mile out and a mile back. So it was quite a walk but you didn’t seem to notice with so many animals to see. The grizzly’s and brown bears were busy eating the fruit and taking a swim in the gaint tanks. Some of them couldn’t be bothered moving, so they just lazed in the enclosure.
We met a wonderful volunteer Kim in the Lion enclosure at the end of the platform. She told us about all the lions in there. Some of their stories were so sad. One of those lions had been put into a concrete enclosure for 10 yrs and left to his own devices. He was so neglected that he has cataracts and can’t see and he didn’t even realise he was a lion until they were able to rescue him and bring him back to the sanctuary. They had to break down the concrete enclosure to get him out. He had been concreted in his cage.
Just absolute disgusting mistreatment by people who should never be able to have these animals in the first place. I am so glad that in Australia we can’t own any form of predator and the only place they can be seen are in the zoo, where they are well cared for. They certainly need those kind of laws in the rest of the world, so that this mistreatment of beautiful animals can never happen. We were asked not to smoke during our time on the platform. I told them that we were not smokers. I had asked why. We were told that it makes the bears go crazy , as they were given smokes in return for performing tricks. It breaks my heart that these animals were treated so badly.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit here and I would recommend it to anyone who may visit Denver. They do an amazing job of caring for these gorgeous animals and rescuing these animals from those who choose to mistreat them or abandon them due to their circus’s being closed down. Please check out their website.

They are located in Keenesburg, Colorado.

After spending most of the day here, we finally managed to tear ourselves away from the place and head back out on the road.

We stopped at some antique places along the way but unfortunately they are no longer there. I must say I am sadden to see the small towns with so many empty shops. Its such a shame they are no longer in business. I don’t think enough people support small business.

Dave and I love the local shops and some of the antique stores we have been into are full of wonderful hidden treasures and the most amazing people. They are so friendly and I have found that they are fasinated by our accents. I still say they are the ones with the accent!!! Everyone we have spoken too say they could listen to us talk for hours and they want to visit Australia. I really hope they get there, but I have said make sure you visit the West Coast, as they are missing the best part of Australia and the most beautiful beaches in the world 🙂 but I’m sure I’m a little bias!!

Well we  have crossed the border again, so we are now in Kansas and have left Colorado. We are enjoying the wonderful scenery and back roads and look forward to seeing a lot more.

Not sure I would like this name on my mail box

Not sure I would like this name on my mail box

Well time to go.

Y’all have a nice day now 🙂



Travel Journal – USA – Hollywood Tour

Well its 2.30am and I am finally now sitting to write today’s notes…my eyes are being kept open with toothpicks but if I don’t do it now then it won’t get done. I just wish I had bought the laptop, as this tablet is not going to be good enough to load pics etc. Looks like I will be visiting the Pawn shop in Vegas for a laptop.

Well today we got to see some more of Los Angeles. Dave is certainly getting used to this driving on the wrong side of the road. He needs all the practice he can get.

Cool Gas Pumps

Cool Gas Pumps

We ended up finding a little place called Farmers Market. It’s where they film Extra with Mario Lopez. We didn’t get to see anyone though, as they weren’t filming. We were a little peckish , so we decided to get a little snack….well that’s an understatement…nothing little about the meals here in the States…Dave and I will be sharing a great many meals I think. Too much for one person.

One of many meals at the market

One of many meals at the market


Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Market is home to some fancy names, like Abercrombie and Finch and Nordstrom’s

There was a great little sticker shop in there, so I was able to get some USA themed items for my scrapbooking, this makes me happy!!!  We found a Kmart too. I love Kmart here, it is so huge….everything you could think of in the one store. SONY DSC




When we finished there we headed up to Hollywood Blvd to find out about Hop on Hop off tours. We were able to purchase a ticket each and get to go back tomorrow to finish off the tour. We have 2 more coloured routes to do and we are going to see the wax museum. I’m really looking forward to that.

Dave looking for water

Dave looking for water

We headed into the Hard rock for dinner. That was a very interesting experience. Either they can’t afford to upgrade the seats or its too hard to repair them…ours was covered in tape. We ordered some spring rolls and chicken wings….well you really should read the menu before ordering. The spring rolls singed the eyebrows, they were that hot (spicy) and then the chicken wings came out…I took one bite and flames were coming out of my mouth, it was on fire…just lets say my sinus problems have now gone…Dave really struggled to eat them…he complained the whole time….Sook!!!

So now after another full day I find myself sitting here , eyes closing trying to get it all down before I forget.

Best to call it a night and prepare for another big day tomorrow.

Just Chilling

Just Chilling

Take care and safe travels. Will update you all tomorrow.