Road to Houston – 2.7.2012 – USA Travel Journal

Well today was not a great day. We spent nearly 3 hours driving around the twist and turns of the Dallas highways, trying to find a particular shop I had seen yesterday. It was an unclaimed baggage place. Do you think we could find it…not a chance. Kind of wish we had gone there on the way home yesterday, even if it was just to get an address.

Which side of the road do I drive on??

Well I certainly heard about not being able to find it. Dave made sure of it. In the end we just decided to cut our losses and tackle the highways and just head south to Houston. Dave decided that he had had enough and gave the keys to me and told me good luck with it. So I took over for about 1.5 hours. Mind you I let him know how it felt to sit in the passenger seat.

The tension was raised a few notches and a few words were mutted but eventually we got it sorted and managed to get out of the rat race and back to some sanity. This road trip is certainly testing our sanity, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…it just makes our love for each other stronger and lets just say the making up is pretty good too!!


Well I am going to try and watch a little TV while I can get the chance…Dave normally has the remote all tied up!!!



Dallas 1.7.2012 – USA Travel Journal

Well today we stayed in Dallas for another night. I really wanted to have a break from driving and take a look around.


Dave and I headed out to the Fort Worth Stockyards. We wanted to get that real cowboy feel of Texas. They herd the longhorn cows down the street. You can see a wild west show and shop and eat to your hearts content. We got there in time to see the cows go down the street. Well here I was expecting to see the cowboys herding cattle , cracking whips and cattle running everywhere. Umm a little news flash for me. The tamest cows I had ever seen. They just mosed on down the road like they had all day. I think a snail would of moved faster. The cowboys didn’t even get the horse to a trot.

We then came across cows with saddles, now I truely think I have seen everything. You could sit on the cow and take a pic. Cows and saddles….mmm something a little wrong here I think??

Dave and I then decided to go and see the Wild West show. Whip cracking, rope tricks, trick riding & a singing cowboy. This should be great.  Well we got inside and lets just say Dave and I spent the next 45 mins or so, looking at each other and thinking this would have to be the worse B grade acting we have ever seen. While some of the tricks were cool, the weren’t anything spectacular. As for the singing cowboy….I think he should stick to his day job. The animals were the stars of the show. I would like to know who taught them how to act, they should give the humans lessons. We were hoping to win a pair of cowboy boots, but our number wasn’t the one. Would of made it worth while to endure the show.

Anyway Dave and I had a great day and finished it off by having dinner at one of the steak houses. The food certainly wasn’t B grade. It was A+.

Now its time to veg out and plan for the next stop.




Road to Dallas 29&30-6-2012 – USA Travel Journal

Road to Dallas

29/6 – Today we didn’t make it very far at all. We spent most of the day, stopping at antique stores and getting caught up with chatting. They were fascinated by our trip and our accent. We did call into the Blue Bell Ice-cream Factory hoping to do the tour of the plant but unfortunately they had a group of 70+ students coming through. So the tour was going to be cut short. Dave and I opted to do the tour in Texas. They also told us that it was larger and probably the better tour to do. They did let us have some ice-cream though. It was so nice. We also got it on the house, as the ladies fell in love with our accent. One of the lovely ladies, Christine even gave me the number of her Aunty to call and told me that if we were in the area where she lives, to rock on by, walk up to her, tell her we were sent by her and go and have ourselves a fourth of July celebration. Southern Hospitality. Gotta love it!!!

We called into many antique stores but a lot of them were closed. They weren’t opening because of the heat…couldn’t believe it. They obviously are not used to this heat. Dave and I are not having much trouble with it, as it reminds us of home. Especially in Perth. Our summers are scorchers!!!

We stayed in a little place called Purchell for the night, as we didn’t get very far. The place is average. Glad we didn’t have to stay longer than the night. We will certainly be out of here early.

30/6 – Today we got out of Purcell early and hit the road running. We headed out along 77 and this route was part of route 66. That was cool. We called into a café called Rock Café where Dave met a man called Gerry. Dave was telling him about how we are on the lookout for garage memorabilia for a friend back home and some old car parts. Gerry told us about an old fella that was up the road that has been known to sell some parts but he was a cranky old bastard. Turns out he was talking about himself. So after we ate lunch , we ventured off to find his house. It wasn’t that hard to find. It had old shit everywhere. Cars, antiques and the flashiest house on the street. He was outside washing the church bus. He invited us into his shed and showed us all his cars, motors and memorabilia. Dave was in mechanic heaven.

He then proceeded to inform us that he had been married for over 50 yrs and that he owned his house and the church building and then told us he was the local preacher. By this stage I just wanted to get in the car and go. Got me thinking did he manage to have all this?? Courtesy of the church goers?? Well then he invited us into his home to look at his antique collection. We met his wife and the two housekeepers. It was then that I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I got the run down on faith and believing in Jesus. We were about to get a whole sermon. Mr preacher man even started singing Johnny Cash…argghh I kept thinking. Dave get me the fuck out of here. I am surprised the house didn’t fall down around my ears.

While I have no problem with people having faith, I certainly don’t believe in being preached to and having the bible bashed down my throat and feeling that I’m the biggest sinner on earth because I don’t believe in Jesus. It was then and there that I ever so politely said that while I had my own beliefs in what I think of religion I didn’t appreciate being preached to. You should of seen the look on their faces. Priceless.

They assured me that , that wasn’t their intention…mmmm not so sure about that. I thanked them very much for their hospitality and that it was lovely to meet them. I’m sure they spent the night saying hail mary’s and asking for my soul to be saved!!! Good luck with that one!!! I practically sprinted out of there and couldn’t get to the car quick enough. I told Dave to get me as far away from this town as possible. No wonder this section is called the bible belt.

After getting over the fact that I felt completely violated, we headed towards Dallas. Along the way we stopped in at a place called Pops. Its a factory where they make soda. It has a giant soda bottle out the front that lights up at night. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see that, as it was still daylight, but we did go and have a bite to eat. They have over 600 flavours of soda. I had a cookies and cream shake. It was delicious. The burger wasn’t bad either.

After our bite to eat, we headed back out on the road and couldn’t get to Dallas quick enough. I really just wanted to wash away the day in the shower. That preacher man made me feel so dirty…arghhh.

I just want to veg in front of the telly and get an early night.

Need to research things to see in Texas.

Going to call it a night.




Owasso – 28.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal


After leaving Platte City , we have now made our way to Oklahoma passing through Kansas again. We are in a place called Owasso. We found a Best Western to stay at, and my oh my it is so nice. The people here are so friendly and I love how the accent has now changed to more of a drawl. I must say though having the Aussie accent has been great….its amazing what kind of deals you can get just for being an Aussie 🙂

We didn’t get very far today. We were too busy just stopping along the way to look at antique stores, only to find that most of them were closed or out of business.

I stopped at a little salon to get my hair trimmed today. The ladies in there were so lovely and Lee who cut my hair was just fasinated with our trip, Australia and getting my hair right. She was a little nervous I think. As I had told her that my hairdresser had been cutting my hair for 4 yrs. But she did a great job and I feel human again. Lee was telling us about her niece that now lives in New Zealand. She hopes to visit her and go to Australia too. I must say though when Dave and I talk, its like we are the latest attraction at the zoo. Kind of like we are extinct animals. Guess they don’t get many Aussies travelling through them parts.

We have just been to dinner at a place called Cracker Barrel. It was such a cute spot and the food was amazing. Our hostess Madeline was fasinated with us, so much so that towards the end of the night, she was asked to move along. I felt so bad for her. We don’t want to get anyone into trouble. We gave her an Aussie coin and showed her our currency. She thought it was so cool. I tell you what its a whole lot easier to figure out the denomination in your purse…here it all blends into one.

We also managed to see a RH Drive vehicle today. The cutest little ute. Dave was flabergasted. We certainly didn’t think we would see that here, so much so that he had to take a photo of it. It was for sale. Now I would love to see an American driving it…such a funny site.

Well its getting late. Better call it a night.



Platte City – Missouri – USA Travel Journal – 27.6.2012

Well I am so confused. We are now in another state. I am truly amazed how you can drive from one state to the another in a day…try doing that in Australia. Good luck.

Today we stopped in at a little antique store, where we meet a gorgeous lady. She had so much stuff, I could of been lost in there for hours. I actually did find something that caught my eye. I now am the owner of a lovely gold sapphire pinkie ring 🙂

It was another warm day today. 100F (38). Thank goodness for air con. I must say I have never drank so much coke in my life. It is so cheap here. You can walk into a servo and buy a 32oz cup for 79c and if you are in a restaurant or fast food chain, it is free refills. Australia really needs to get with the program. To eat here is so cheap too. Dave and I never pay anymore than $20 for the both of us including drinks. Insane.

Today I got to take Dave to a diner. They make the best food and are decorated in 50-60 style. They are so quaint.

They even had an item on the menu in his name. Mind you I have found on our travels, that Dave is a popular name. Nearly every town has a business with Dave in the name of it. Interesting. Wonder if its like Jim’s at home. Some kind of franchise??

Dave and I took our first swim today. This motel has an indoor heated pool. It was really nice. Hope we get a chance to take a swim again along our travels.

I have to say though I will be speaking with the managers tomorrow, as we have a huge problem in our bathroom. There is water everywhere. The toilet is leaking. I went to get into bed and the carpet is sopping wet. How housekeeping has not noticed this is beyond me. This problem is not something that just happened overnight, this has been going on for months. I wonder if they will give us some kind of discount??

Well I best be calling it a night.

Update you all again soon



Road to Norton – Kansas 26.6.2012 – Travel Journal USA

We spent most of the day at the Wildlife Sanctuary today. This place is located just outside of Denver. It was amazing. This place is home to big cats and bears. It is the only place I have ever been able to see them so close. They were just gorgeous.
They are so well cared for that at one stage a rabbit was hopping through the enclosure and the lion just chose to lay in his cement pipe and didn’t even bat an eyelid at a meal hopping by!! It was extremely hot too. I think it got to around 43 or so. We had to make sure we were hydrated. The platform around the sanctuary is a mile out and a mile back. So it was quite a walk but you didn’t seem to notice with so many animals to see. The grizzly’s and brown bears were busy eating the fruit and taking a swim in the gaint tanks. Some of them couldn’t be bothered moving, so they just lazed in the enclosure.
We met a wonderful volunteer Kim in the Lion enclosure at the end of the platform. She told us about all the lions in there. Some of their stories were so sad. One of those lions had been put into a concrete enclosure for 10 yrs and left to his own devices. He was so neglected that he has cataracts and can’t see and he didn’t even realise he was a lion until they were able to rescue him and bring him back to the sanctuary. They had to break down the concrete enclosure to get him out. He had been concreted in his cage.
Just absolute disgusting mistreatment by people who should never be able to have these animals in the first place. I am so glad that in Australia we can’t own any form of predator and the only place they can be seen are in the zoo, where they are well cared for. They certainly need those kind of laws in the rest of the world, so that this mistreatment of beautiful animals can never happen. We were asked not to smoke during our time on the platform. I told them that we were not smokers. I had asked why. We were told that it makes the bears go crazy , as they were given smokes in return for performing tricks. It breaks my heart that these animals were treated so badly.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit here and I would recommend it to anyone who may visit Denver. They do an amazing job of caring for these gorgeous animals and rescuing these animals from those who choose to mistreat them or abandon them due to their circus’s being closed down. Please check out their website.

They are located in Keenesburg, Colorado.

After spending most of the day here, we finally managed to tear ourselves away from the place and head back out on the road.

We stopped at some antique places along the way but unfortunately they are no longer there. I must say I am sadden to see the small towns with so many empty shops. Its such a shame they are no longer in business. I don’t think enough people support small business.

Dave and I love the local shops and some of the antique stores we have been into are full of wonderful hidden treasures and the most amazing people. They are so friendly and I have found that they are fasinated by our accents. I still say they are the ones with the accent!!! Everyone we have spoken too say they could listen to us talk for hours and they want to visit Australia. I really hope they get there, but I have said make sure you visit the West Coast, as they are missing the best part of Australia and the most beautiful beaches in the world 🙂 but I’m sure I’m a little bias!!

Well we  have crossed the border again, so we are now in Kansas and have left Colorado. We are enjoying the wonderful scenery and back roads and look forward to seeing a lot more.

Not sure I would like this name on my mail box

Not sure I would like this name on my mail box

Well time to go.

Y’all have a nice day now 🙂



Denver 25.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal

Well what an amazing day today…I am on such a high , that I am finding it very hard to come down.

We went into Denver today to check out the sights and see what we could do while we were in town. We got some advice from the wonderful staff at the Denver information centre.

Information Centre

Information Centre

Gave us some brochures on places to see. One of them was a wildlife sanctuary just outside of Denver. We are going to check that out tomorrow. We were also told to check out the Reserve Bank.

Dave at the Reserve Bank

Dave at the Reserve Bank

Love the art work around the city

Love the art work around the city

So we decided to take the tour and got to take home a bag of shreaded money. Equates to about $165 US. Dave found it fasinating. Checking out how to spot a counterfeit. I got some things for scrapbooking.

We then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe so I could collect another glass for the collection.

Some Bon Jovi Memorabilia

Some Bon Jovi Memorabilia

While there I checked my facebook and seen that Bret Michaels was going to be in Denver at a Pet store for some signing of products and promote his dog accessories line.

I have to say a huge THANKYOU to MICHELLE MILLS for letting me know about the concert. Poison and Def Leppard happen to be playing in Denver tonight. So I booked some tickets.

So I looked up the address of where Bret was going to be and Dave and I took a little road trip. Well turns out he was only about 15mins from our motel. Unfortunately they had posted that you had to have a lanyard to meet him. You had to purchase one of his dog accessories by a certain date, but they had sold out. But on his website it said you could still go and catch a glimpse of him. So that was good enough for me. Little did I know what was in store for me.

When we arrived we were greeted by the most gorgeous lady. She asked if we needed help. I told her we were there to just catch a glimpse of Bret and that we were only in Denver for the day and that we were from Australia and really had hoped to meet him, as I didn’t know about the purchase of products. She told us to wait and she would find out if she could do anything for us. She said that if we bought something that he would more than likely sign it for us, but unfortunately when she did some asking, she was told politely that we couldn’t do anything without a lanyard. I said I totally understood and that just to see him was good enough. She offered to give me her lanyard at the end if we were still there as she was not that interested in seeing him. I couldn’t thank her enough.

Anyway she went about her duties and Dave could tell that I really wanted to get to see him. So my most amazing husband disappeared outside. He came back with a lanyard. I was estatic…my smile must of been out of this world. I asked him how he got it and he said that he asked a couple that had been to meet Bret with their son and if they would be interested in selling the lanyard to us. They were so sweet that they gave Dave the one that hadn’t been signed. They didn’t even want money for it. I can’t thank them enough. They could quite easy of said no. I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope that one day its paid forward to them.

So my wonderful husband went out and got the camera and waited patiently while I stood in line. I was the last of the public to meet him. The others were the store staff. When it was my turn to see him, they asked if we had a camera to take photos. I said yes my husband has the camera, she offered to take the pic. Dave said if he could be in the pic as well. They were so sweet and said ‘of course’. So Dave got to see Bret as well.

When I finally got to meet him. I walked straight into his open arms and boy did he smell and feel good 🙂 . OMG he is even more gorgeous in person and what a bod…mmmmmm. He shook Dave’s hand and thanked us for coming and when he realised we were from Australia he was saying he had just been down there and that he took the tour bus out to the beaches all along the east coast. I told him I was bummed that he didn’t make it to Perth…he said he would be down to Australia on his own and that Perth was on the list…I missed my opportunity to offer my mobile number and say I would be his tour guide. *darn it* .

Dave said he had watched his shows and was so glad to see him on his feet and looking well. Bret was so appreciative of that, he thanked him for it. Shook his hand and signed his shirt. I also got the lanyard and a dog frisbee signed….my doggie ain’t having that!!

Bret is one of the most down to earth person I have ever met. I told him I was a fan of his, that I had met the guys of Def Leppard and Jon and he said that they were all fantastic guys, he said that Jon was a great guy. It will be a day I will never forget. I had told Bret that we were going to the concert and that I was waiting on confirmation of my tickets, he said to me not to worry, turned to one of his staff and said put this young lady on the Poison list for 2 tickets. I was amazed. Never expected that at all. He posed for a couple of photos and wished us all the best and thanked us for coming out and hoped to see us again. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I don’t know who was buzzing more Dave or I. Dave had said to me and the kids before we left Australia, that all he wanted to do was take a pic with a celebrity that he knew. Mission accomplished. I personally want to thank Bret Michaels and his staff for such a wonderful experience and one I will never forget. His generosity was amazing. I want to say that the tickets were fantastic and we had the best night. Bret still got it and bought the house down. It was so good.

I am still on a high and don’t think I will sleep much tonight, but what a holiday to remember for life.

Love my husband to bits for making this possible and Michelle Mills for giving me the heads up on the concert. You rock girlfriend. Hope to see you real soon and drinks are on me!!!!

Well better go and see if I can get some sleep.

Signing off with ears still ringing 🙂



Dave and I with Bret...what an amazing person..Dave Dave and I with Bret…what an amazing person..

Road to Denver – USA Travel Journal – 24.6.2012

Well not much to report today. Just drove through to Denver from Steamboat Springs.
We spent most of the day driving each other around the bend. It was my turn to drive. Now while Dave has done most of the driving, I have said a few ‘don’t do that, or don’t do this’ but have tried really hard not to nag, well it was completely different when I got in the car to drive. I was told ‘set it to cruise control, easier to drive, drive faster, don’t be so nervous etc etc.
Well Jodie has found the solution to the problem. Me navigator, Dave driver – problem solved.
I will stick to planning the route we take, as Dave and any electrical device – touchpad phone, gps etc , not so good. So leave me to that, he can deal with the roads and the drivers, he fits in really well, he is as mad as they are. I still have to remind him occasionally though – stay right!!!
We did get to see some moose today along the way. Dave got some shots of them.
We seen our very first Moose

We seen our very first Moose

We had plenty of twists and turns in the road again. I started feeling sick. I really don’t think they know how to make a straight road…lol.
We finally  made it to Denver and are now settled in our room and checking out what we can do tomorrow.
So I will call it a night.



Road to Steamboat Springs – 23.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal

After our day of rest in Salt Lake City, today we set off again on our road trip. We started the morning by looking at a swap meet where we went to the Drive In last night. It was nothing like our swap meets. Its more like our commercialised markets. Anyway we picked a point on the map and started driving. Again we headed through mountains and then we hit desert and then great lakes. The scenery is just something to be seen. At every twist and turn it changes.

Also on our way through we stumbled across a Car Show. Dave was like woohooo lets go. So we got to see some really beautiful cars and dream about one day, having one of our own classic cars. After spending some time drooling over the cars , we decided to get back out on the road and continue our journey.

Dave with his new

Dave with his new car…lol

Car Show - Utah

Car Show – Utah



We have now stopped in a little place called Steamboat Springs. It reminds me of an old town from the western era. We found this lodge right in the main street and luckily for us they had one room left. We were so lucky to get anything coz there happens to be a rodeo on this weekend. Well its finished now, but I guess they are booked out all over the town. Not that we minded at all, the place is beautiful, the room is clean and tidy, has a fridge and microwave and free internet. Couldn’t ask for more. I am looking forward to exploring this place a little more tomorrow. Well I must go now, as have heaps of pics to upload and we are going to check out the rodeo.

Ready to Rodeo

Ready to Rodeo

Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy!!! Thats what I think anyway 🙂

Salt Lake City – 22.6.15 – USA Travel Journal

Today we slept in to 11am…gee that was so nice. We had no plans today, just to relax and take a look around. Dave let me go find some scrapbook stores…not sure if that was such a great idea. He is such a patient man, sitting in the car while I was in shopping and no complaints. Such a great husband. I met the sweetest lady Karen who owns Mom and Me scrapbooking. She was so friendly and gave me some great tips on places to see. I admired all her work. Some of her displays and designs were gorgeous and I have heaps of ideas. Her shop was so awe inspiring. Made me feel right at home, so much that I spent more than an hour chatting away and they were meant to close. She actually reminded me of Holly Madison. So sweet.
Dave went off to find some pawn shops to look at while I was shopping. Karen asked me where he had disappeared to and without batting an eyelid just casually said ‘Oh he has gone to look at some pawn shops but of course, with my accent  she thought I meant the porn shop. Classic moment. I quickly explained that he definately was not looking at that…so funny.
On our way to find the scrap shops, I saw a Drive in screen. So I came back to the motel to look up if they still operated and to my surprise, it was still on, it actually has 5 screens, plays 2 movies and all for $7each. Such great value and the sound comes through the fm station. So we had a date with a Drive in screen. I knew exactly what I was going to see. Rock of Ages and they were also playing Men In Black III, so Dave and I were happy little vegemites. What a great way to spend a Friday night with my man. So wish we still had Drive Ins in Perth…such a shame that there is only one or two left. Here the Drive In was so popular that there were lines of cars waiting to get in.

So now its very late. 2am to be exact and I need to go to bed. Loving every moment of this holiday and makes me appreciate the life I have even more. I miss my children dearly but it is going to be so good to see them and share our many adventures.

Love you my babies