Road to Redmond – 19.6.12 – USA Travel Journal

2014-08-05 13.06.18

Well Dave and I must of needed that. I dove out of bed at 10am this morning. Dave was mortified. We like to be on the road about 8am , so we can get some miles laid down. But I say lets just take it as it comes. Love the fact I only had some of the trip planned and that we can look at the map and go ‘lets go here today’ but if we choose to change direction then we can do that too..

So as we got a few milesĀ and aboutĀ 4 hours down the road, I had a sick feeling to my stomach ….BLUE BEAR IS MISSING!!!!

He decided that it was too comfy in bed and didn’t make it to the car on time…I am beside myself with worry. Luckily we made a call to the Motel 6 in Grants Pass and the lovely Rose was able to let us know that he is safe and sound and that they have him. You have no idea how relieved I am…I had felt like I was missing an arm, as I was crying like a baby and trying to tell Dave that he is my link to my children. I feel like they are with me all the way. I have sweaty eyeballs as I write. So BB will be taking a road trip of his own and hopefully will be awaiting us in Utah, Salt Lake City in a couple of days. I know you must all think I am crazy but he really is part of the family. My son loves to see his travels daily. I had to break the news to him just a while ago and he is now worried that he is going to get lost. I have assured him that I will make sure he is safe and sound with us very soon. I am crossing everything he finds his way to us as well. So with much sadness tonight, I must say goodnight or good day to you all and will sleep very restlessly until I have him safe in my hands and then I am going to strap him in the car and make sure he doesn’t disappear again. I’m sure he thought it would be great to take an adventure all of his own.

Blue Bear tucked up in Bed.

Blue Bear tucked up in Bed.

Well signing off now and heading to bed as its very late and hopefully an early start in the morning.