Salt Lake City – 22.6.15 – USA Travel Journal

Today we slept in to 11am…gee that was so nice. We had no plans today, just to relax and take a look around. Dave let me go find some scrapbook stores…not sure if that was such a great idea. He is such a patient man, sitting in the car while I was in shopping and no complaints. Such a great husband. I met the sweetest lady Karen who owns Mom and Me scrapbooking. She was so friendly and gave me some great tips on places to see. I admired all her work. Some of her displays and designs were gorgeous and I have heaps of ideas. Her shop was so awe inspiring. Made me feel right at home, so much that I spent more than an hour chatting away and they were meant to close. She actually reminded me of Holly Madison. So sweet.
Dave went off to find some pawn shops to look at while I was shopping. Karen asked me where he had disappeared to and without batting an eyelid just casually said ‘Oh he has gone to look at some pawn shops but of course, with my accent  she thought I meant the porn shop. Classic moment. I quickly explained that he definately was not looking at that…so funny.
On our way to find the scrap shops, I saw a Drive in screen. So I came back to the motel to look up if they still operated and to my surprise, it was still on, it actually has 5 screens, plays 2 movies and all for $7each. Such great value and the sound comes through the fm station. So we had a date with a Drive in screen. I knew exactly what I was going to see. Rock of Ages and they were also playing Men In Black III, so Dave and I were happy little vegemites. What a great way to spend a Friday night with my man. So wish we still had Drive Ins in Perth…such a shame that there is only one or two left. Here the Drive In was so popular that there were lines of cars waiting to get in.

So now its very late. 2am to be exact and I need to go to bed. Loving every moment of this holiday and makes me appreciate the life I have even more. I miss my children dearly but it is going to be so good to see them and share our many adventures.

Love you my babies