Road to Dallas 29&30-6-2012 – USA Travel Journal

Road to Dallas

29/6 – Today we didn’t make it very far at all. We spent most of the day, stopping at antique stores and getting caught up with chatting. They were fascinated by our trip and our accent. We did call into the Blue Bell Ice-cream Factory hoping to do the tour of the plant but unfortunately they had a group of 70+ students coming through. So the tour was going to be cut short. Dave and I opted to do the tour in Texas. They also told us that it was larger and probably the better tour to do. They did let us have some ice-cream though. It was so nice. We also got it on the house, as the ladies fell in love with our accent. One of the lovely ladies, Christine even gave me the number of her Aunty to call and told me that if we were in the area where she lives, to rock on by, walk up to her, tell her we were sent by her and go and have ourselves a fourth of July celebration. Southern Hospitality. Gotta love it!!!

We called into many antique stores but a lot of them were closed. They weren’t opening because of the heat…couldn’t believe it. They obviously are not used to this heat. Dave and I are not having much trouble with it, as it reminds us of home. Especially in Perth. Our summers are scorchers!!!

We stayed in a little place called Purchell for the night, as we didn’t get very far. The place is average. Glad we didn’t have to stay longer than the night. We will certainly be out of here early.

30/6 – Today we got out of Purcell early and hit the road running. We headed out along 77 and this route was part of route 66. That was cool. We called into a café called Rock Café where Dave met a man called Gerry. Dave was telling him about how we are on the lookout for garage memorabilia for a friend back home and some old car parts. Gerry told us about an old fella that was up the road that has been known to sell some parts but he was a cranky old bastard. Turns out he was talking about himself. So after we ate lunch , we ventured off to find his house. It wasn’t that hard to find. It had old shit everywhere. Cars, antiques and the flashiest house on the street. He was outside washing the church bus. He invited us into his shed and showed us all his cars, motors and memorabilia. Dave was in mechanic heaven.

He then proceeded to inform us that he had been married for over 50 yrs and that he owned his house and the church building and then told us he was the local preacher. By this stage I just wanted to get in the car and go. Got me thinking did he manage to have all this?? Courtesy of the church goers?? Well then he invited us into his home to look at his antique collection. We met his wife and the two housekeepers. It was then that I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I got the run down on faith and believing in Jesus. We were about to get a whole sermon. Mr preacher man even started singing Johnny Cash…argghh I kept thinking. Dave get me the fuck out of here. I am surprised the house didn’t fall down around my ears.

While I have no problem with people having faith, I certainly don’t believe in being preached to and having the bible bashed down my throat and feeling that I’m the biggest sinner on earth because I don’t believe in Jesus. It was then and there that I ever so politely said that while I had my own beliefs in what I think of religion I didn’t appreciate being preached to. You should of seen the look on their faces. Priceless.

They assured me that , that wasn’t their intention…mmmm not so sure about that. I thanked them very much for their hospitality and that it was lovely to meet them. I’m sure they spent the night saying hail mary’s and asking for my soul to be saved!!! Good luck with that one!!! I practically sprinted out of there and couldn’t get to the car quick enough. I told Dave to get me as far away from this town as possible. No wonder this section is called the bible belt.

After getting over the fact that I felt completely violated, we headed towards Dallas. Along the way we stopped in at a place called Pops. Its a factory where they make soda. It has a giant soda bottle out the front that lights up at night. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see that, as it was still daylight, but we did go and have a bite to eat. They have over 600 flavours of soda. I had a cookies and cream shake. It was delicious. The burger wasn’t bad either.

After our bite to eat, we headed back out on the road and couldn’t get to Dallas quick enough. I really just wanted to wash away the day in the shower. That preacher man made me feel so dirty…arghhh.

I just want to veg in front of the telly and get an early night.

Need to research things to see in Texas.

Going to call it a night.




Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Road to Big Pine 15.6.12

Well that was some ride…Dave finally got me on that Rollercoaster, only this time it had 4 wheels and never left the ground!!!

After leaving Vegas we headed towards Bishop, which I had used as a focal point to be near Yosemite, before heading to San Francisco. We went through North Las Vegas, where we stopped to do our laundry. This place was again very Hispanic. Spanish is written everywhere. The laundrymat we stopped at was that clean that I think we could of eaten off the floor and the machines where so well maintained that you didn’t mind that you had to spend 1 hr in there doing laundry. They had drink machines, icecreams and snacks and TV which had cable TV.248121_10150908621283041_1113743770_n

Then we found a huge swap meet. It went for miles. We had to stop and look. Mind you had to buy a umbrella as the temp hit 105 F (45). Boy it gets toasty out here in the Desert!!! My skin is certainly letting me know. The water seems so harsh compared to home, so having to smother myself in moisterising cream every night or I spend the whole time scratching like a monkey with fleas!!! Did a little shopping there. Cheep Cheep!!

Then it was time to hit the road and start this journey. The GPS was set and off we went. Well for about 100 miles or so the road was just one straight highway into the mountains. This was my chance to drive on the opposite side of the road. Now that was an experience. 294942_10150908622873041_324459720_n

This stretch of road reminded me of the Australian Nullabor, so we had the radio cranked with Classic Rock and plenty of conversation to be had. 481149_10150908623158041_2029818164_n

We then headed onto another highway. Well that was fine for about 50 miles or so and then we hit the rollercoaster ride from hell. Thank God I had decided to let Dave take over the driving. For the next 30 miles we hit the worst curves and hills I have ever experienced in my life, to the point where I was screaming a little and maybe used a few curse words and then started yelling ‘Stop’….yep all that twisting and turning and Jodie’s stomach said…’Gonna be sick’….so on the side of a mountain, I was out the door vomiting. Certainly hope we never encounter roads like that again.

Must say these are the experiences that will last a lifetime. What a road trip!!! By the time we got to the bottom, those lights in the distance where such a welcoming sight, that we both said screw trying to get to Bishop.


So we just pulled into the closest Motel and got some food. Well that was the best decision ever, we got a room for $60. Hot shower, fridge, microwave and one comfy bed…who needs 5 star hotels???

Then we saw a little place called Rossi’s Steak and Spaghetti, in North Main St, Big Pine. It sounded fantastic. The place was so welcoming and the girls in there were just the best. Food to die for and their motto is ‘You will never leave here hungry’. Well that was certainly true. We ordered one meal of spag and ravioli. Big mistake. Before that came out, it came with Salad, homemade dressings, jug of cooldrink, water and the best home made bread I have ever eaten. That in itself was enough…kind of thought maybe we don’t need the pasta. Well when they wheeled the meal out, we just about fell off the seat, we thought for sure she had mistaken that we only needed one meal. No turns out that was one meal halved..OMG Dave and I won’t need to eat for a week…Now have you ever seen a grown man try and eat half a meal….funny shit!! Just lets say this was going to be our breakfast. So full as googs and ready to curl up in bed. We left a comment in there guest book, a great tip and hugs all round and left feeling like we had just made friends for life.

So if you are ever calling through Big Pine , be sure to call in here and say Hi and tell them Jodie and Dave sent you!!

Its now time to hit the road again. I look forward to the adventures ahead. Looking forward to seeing Yosemite.

Have A Nice DAy!!!

J xoxo

Travel Journal – USA – Hollywood Tour

Well its 2.30am and I am finally now sitting to write today’s notes…my eyes are being kept open with toothpicks but if I don’t do it now then it won’t get done. I just wish I had bought the laptop, as this tablet is not going to be good enough to load pics etc. Looks like I will be visiting the Pawn shop in Vegas for a laptop.

Well today we got to see some more of Los Angeles. Dave is certainly getting used to this driving on the wrong side of the road. He needs all the practice he can get.

Cool Gas Pumps

Cool Gas Pumps

We ended up finding a little place called Farmers Market. It’s where they film Extra with Mario Lopez. We didn’t get to see anyone though, as they weren’t filming. We were a little peckish , so we decided to get a little snack….well that’s an understatement…nothing little about the meals here in the States…Dave and I will be sharing a great many meals I think. Too much for one person.

One of many meals at the market

One of many meals at the market


Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Market is home to some fancy names, like Abercrombie and Finch and Nordstrom’s

There was a great little sticker shop in there, so I was able to get some USA themed items for my scrapbooking, this makes me happy!!!  We found a Kmart too. I love Kmart here, it is so huge….everything you could think of in the one store. SONY DSC




When we finished there we headed up to Hollywood Blvd to find out about Hop on Hop off tours. We were able to purchase a ticket each and get to go back tomorrow to finish off the tour. We have 2 more coloured routes to do and we are going to see the wax museum. I’m really looking forward to that.

Dave looking for water

Dave looking for water

We headed into the Hard rock for dinner. That was a very interesting experience. Either they can’t afford to upgrade the seats or its too hard to repair them…ours was covered in tape. We ordered some spring rolls and chicken wings….well you really should read the menu before ordering. The spring rolls singed the eyebrows, they were that hot (spicy) and then the chicken wings came out…I took one bite and flames were coming out of my mouth, it was on fire…just lets say my sinus problems have now gone…Dave really struggled to eat them…he complained the whole time….Sook!!!

So now after another full day I find myself sitting here , eyes closing trying to get it all down before I forget.

Best to call it a night and prepare for another big day tomorrow.

Just Chilling

Just Chilling

Take care and safe travels. Will update you all tomorrow.