Owasso – 28.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal


After leaving Platte City , we have now made our way to Oklahoma passing through Kansas again. We are in a place called Owasso. We found a Best Western to stay at, and my oh my it is so nice. The people here are so friendly and I love how the accent has now changed to more of a drawl. I must say though having the Aussie accent has been great….its amazing what kind of deals you can get just for being an Aussie 🙂

We didn’t get very far today. We were too busy just stopping along the way to look at antique stores, only to find that most of them were closed or out of business.

I stopped at a little salon to get my hair trimmed today. The ladies in there were so lovely and Lee who cut my hair was just fasinated with our trip, Australia and getting my hair right. She was a little nervous I think. As I had told her that my hairdresser had been cutting my hair for 4 yrs. But she did a great job and I feel human again. Lee was telling us about her niece that now lives in New Zealand. She hopes to visit her and go to Australia too. I must say though when Dave and I talk, its like we are the latest attraction at the zoo. Kind of like we are extinct animals. Guess they don’t get many Aussies travelling through them parts.

We have just been to dinner at a place called Cracker Barrel. It was such a cute spot and the food was amazing. Our hostess Madeline was fasinated with us, so much so that towards the end of the night, she was asked to move along. I felt so bad for her. We don’t want to get anyone into trouble. We gave her an Aussie coin and showed her our currency. She thought it was so cool. I tell you what its a whole lot easier to figure out the denomination in your purse…here it all blends into one.

We also managed to see a RH Drive vehicle today. The cutest little ute. Dave was flabergasted. We certainly didn’t think we would see that here, so much so that he had to take a photo of it. It was for sale. Now I would love to see an American driving it…such a funny site.

Well its getting late. Better call it a night.