Travel Journal USA 2012 – Hollywood / Disneyland

6.6.12 – Hollywood
Well today we had a day to just relax and do anything. We spent most of the morning bloody trying to get our money exchanged. We tried a few banks with no success, so then one of the tellers gave us the American Express exchange, located in Hollywood. So off we went to find it When we found it, the lady that exchange the money for us was so wonderful and told us that we may have trouble getting out, as President Obama was staying at the Beverly Wiltshire.. so we decide to venture down the street and see if we could see anything. Maybe this will be the star spotting for Dave. We got to see the cavalcade, black cars and secret service but no President. So we waiting a little longer . When we thought it was all over, there were a few black cars leaving the building. One of them just happened to be Ellen with Portia. I was so annoyed as I didn’t have the camera in the right spot, and all I got was the tinted windows.

Well its been a long day and I am extremely tired and I have a huge day tomorrow…..DISNEYLAND!!!

So looking forward to being a kid again 🙂

Disneyland 7.6.12 – 8.6.12

Well this blog is a little late but I am trying to catch up…this time difference is still screwing me around.

I have spent the most amazing 2 days visiting Disneyland and Disneyland Adventure Park. Dave and I spent many hours wandering from section to section looking at all the scenes and checking out the rides. Many of you will know that I am not one for roller coaster rides or anything that will send my stomach into a spin…really hate that stomach in throat feeling. I did however ride the huge Ferris Wheel. 

I even managed to go up on the Dumbo ride. Who said big kids can’t ride the kiddies rides?

Dave and I on the Flying Elephant ride.

Mind you these are rides for small children, so kind of felt like a weirdo buy hey if this was the place to be a kid , then I fit right in…everyone is a kid in Disneyland.

Dave and I went on a trip through a wild jungle , rode the carousel, spun around in boxes, went flying with Peter Pan, saw Jonnie in Pirates of the Caribbean, rode in a beehive with Winnie, saw a 3D bugs movie (which was totally awesome) and so many others, that I lost count. It was just a great time to spend with each other and bring out our inner child.

If I was going to recommend which one to visit, I would say the Adventure Park. Dave and I had a lot of fun here. I got to see him ride the roller coaster and just laugh. No way was I going on it, that is instant chunder material. We went and watched the Bugs 3D movie…this was so cool. During the short film, at one point they have something come out the back of the chair to resemble a bee sting…I jumped so high out that chair, Dave just about peed in his pants, but then they had to send down spiders…arghhh I was screaming like a little kid. They shot water out over the audience in parts and at the very end they made the seats move….boy I jumped up out that seat and run out that theatre….Dave could hardly move due to being in fits of laughter..but it was so much fun.

We also enjoyed watching the Micky light show in Disneyland   .

Whoever these creators are, they are amazing. How they have that show playing with water and then use some of the rides to tell a story was incredible. This was definitely a highlight of the day.            
Well while I could go on for days about this place, I must end at some point. I can honestly say that it has been a blast, my legs are killing me and I think I will sleep for a week but it has been so worth it.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to LA and then its off to Las Vegas. Another bucket list place. Can’t wait to see the bright lights of Sin City.

So I will say see you later and have a great day/night wherever you are in this world.


USA – Travel Journal 2012 – Universal Walk/ Wax Museum


Universal Studios Sign
Well today we ventured back into the city to take a look at Madame Tussaud’s. I must say the GPS that we purchased for $40 was so worth the investment. Dave is doing an amazing job of driving in this madness. I just give directions!!

Madame Tussaud’s was very interesting. It has 3 floors and plenty of wax figurines. I certainly think that some of them though can really get the details and others not so much. Some of the celebrities didn’t look a thing like them and others were like looking straight at them. Lady Gaga was very surreal.

Lady Gaga Wax ModelMe with the Lady Gaga Wax Model

You are able to hug the figurines and take many pics but the only thing you can’t touch is the hair or face. The tour doesn’t take too long. So when we were finished there, we decided to use up our ticket that we purchased for the hop off and hop on bus and took it up to Universal walk. Dave got to see the silver globe and take his pic with it and then we walked along the strip to check out the shops etc.

Dave at Globe - Universal Studios

While I was checking out this promo for some channel tv (dance off) , my shoe caught on the taped down cord and broke. So here I was in the middle of the path with one shoe flapping in the breeze and Dave pissing himself laughing. I then had a great excuse to go and by some new haviana’s at the flip flop shop 🙂

Dave wearing my good shoe
We then found this shop called Sugar. It was full of lollies and chocolate. It also had some very interesting novelty items in there. Check out the pics. I was in fits of laughter. So after some shopping, it was time to head back to Hollywood Blvd and head home.



On our return home , we then bundled up the dirty washing and headed out to find a laundry mat, but do you think we could find one. We must of drove around for 30 mins trying to find one. Finally I got the phone out and googled laundry mats in the area. Our mistake was looking for laundry mats. They are called coin operated laundries here. We finally found one about 5 mins from where we are staying. It is run by the sweetest Hispanic man. He was over the top happy and said we looked very much in love and that was a beautiful thing. He was also watching a basketball game and his team was winning!!! I tell you what though. It is cheap to wash clothes here. $1.25 a load, $1 for powder and then 25c for the drier which gives you 8mins. So for the grand total of $5 we were able to wash our laundry. It was a great way to spend some time just sitting and watching how the other half live. Towards the end of our washing finishing though a very interesting person entered under the influence of some kind of happy substance and boy did he have some washing. Mind you don’t know how much he got done. He was putting in money and powder but forgot the clothes..I wonder if he ever got it finished???

Dave and I got to talking to the operator and one of the other ladies that was doing her washing and they were great source of information and they were very interested in how we do things in Australia. I love meeting everyday people and I get to hear them speak….I love their accent …of course they say we are the ones with the accent!!!

Well I must go now and make a Skype call to my gorgeous children, who I miss terribly but so glad I can see their faces and say night to them every day. Priceless.

Love to my babies



Travel Journal – USA – Hollywood Tour

Well its 2.30am and I am finally now sitting to write today’s notes…my eyes are being kept open with toothpicks but if I don’t do it now then it won’t get done. I just wish I had bought the laptop, as this tablet is not going to be good enough to load pics etc. Looks like I will be visiting the Pawn shop in Vegas for a laptop.

Well today we got to see some more of Los Angeles. Dave is certainly getting used to this driving on the wrong side of the road. He needs all the practice he can get.

Cool Gas Pumps

Cool Gas Pumps

We ended up finding a little place called Farmers Market. It’s where they film Extra with Mario Lopez. We didn’t get to see anyone though, as they weren’t filming. We were a little peckish , so we decided to get a little snack….well that’s an understatement…nothing little about the meals here in the States…Dave and I will be sharing a great many meals I think. Too much for one person.

One of many meals at the market

One of many meals at the market


Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The Market is home to some fancy names, like Abercrombie and Finch and Nordstrom’s

There was a great little sticker shop in there, so I was able to get some USA themed items for my scrapbooking, this makes me happy!!!  We found a Kmart too. I love Kmart here, it is so huge….everything you could think of in the one store. SONY DSC




When we finished there we headed up to Hollywood Blvd to find out about Hop on Hop off tours. We were able to purchase a ticket each and get to go back tomorrow to finish off the tour. We have 2 more coloured routes to do and we are going to see the wax museum. I’m really looking forward to that.

Dave looking for water

Dave looking for water

We headed into the Hard rock for dinner. That was a very interesting experience. Either they can’t afford to upgrade the seats or its too hard to repair them…ours was covered in tape. We ordered some spring rolls and chicken wings….well you really should read the menu before ordering. The spring rolls singed the eyebrows, they were that hot (spicy) and then the chicken wings came out…I took one bite and flames were coming out of my mouth, it was on fire…just lets say my sinus problems have now gone…Dave really struggled to eat them…he complained the whole time….Sook!!!

So now after another full day I find myself sitting here , eyes closing trying to get it all down before I forget.

Best to call it a night and prepare for another big day tomorrow.

Just Chilling

Just Chilling

Take care and safe travels. Will update you all tomorrow.