Road to Denver – USA Travel Journal – 24.6.2012

Well not much to report today. Just drove through to Denver from Steamboat Springs.
We spent most of the day driving each other around the bend. It was my turn to drive. Now while Dave has done most of the driving, I have said a few ‘don’t do that, or don’t do this’ but have tried really hard not to nag, well it was completely different when I got in the car to drive. I was told ‘set it to cruise control, easier to drive, drive faster, don’t be so nervous etc etc.
Well Jodie has found the solution to the problem. Me navigator, Dave driver – problem solved.
I will stick to planning the route we take, as Dave and any electrical device – touchpad phone, gps etc , not so good. So leave me to that, he can deal with the roads and the drivers, he fits in really well, he is as mad as they are. I still have to remind him occasionally though – stay right!!!
We did get to see some moose today along the way. Dave got some shots of them.
We seen our very first Moose

We seen our very first Moose

We had plenty of twists and turns in the road again. I started feeling sick. I really don’t think they know how to make a straight road…lol.
We finally  made it to Denver and are now settled in our room and checking out what we can do tomorrow.
So I will call it a night.