Road to Mountain Home – 20.6.2012 – Travel Journal USA.


Today we set out to get as close to Salt Lake City as possible. We have made it as far as a place called Mountain Home. So glad we are only here for the night but it must be a popular place to stop as we tried to get into some of the motels and they were booked out, so now I am sitting in a dingy little motel run by a creepy chinese man. Think I will definately be out of here early in the morning.

Along our way today we stopped at a little place called Mitchell.

Couldn’t really pass it by, having a son called Mitchell. It was like a little ghost town but it actually had a main street, 2 cafes and a little shop called Judy’s place…she had the most amazing array of antiques and collectables and she was a fountain of knowledge concerning her little town called Mitchell. She told us about its residents, and who owned the previous buildings that now stand empty. She chatted with the locals and told us about the young men building the house in the street. How his grandfather used to own it. Dave watched while they operated a crane, all the while thinking and wanting to operate it for them, as they really didn’t have much of an idea. He quietly stood there, talking to himself saying – lower the rope, boom up and boom down…meanwhile I was laughing thinking how work never really is far from his mind. Judy was an amazing women and it was such a great time to spend getting to the heart of this country…this is what makes the trip special.

Looking forward to stopping along the trail , meeting and talking with more unique and wonderful people and hearing about their passion for their town…

So now I will sign off and look forward to what tomorrow brings.