Platte City – Missouri – USA Travel Journal – 27.6.2012

Well I am so confused. We are now in another state. I am truly amazed how you can drive from one state to the another in a day…try doing that in Australia. Good luck.

Today we stopped in at a little antique store, where we meet a gorgeous lady. She had so much stuff, I could of been lost in there for hours. I actually did find something that caught my eye. I now am the owner of a lovely gold sapphire pinkie ring 🙂

It was another warm day today. 100F (38). Thank goodness for air con. I must say I have never drank so much coke in my life. It is so cheap here. You can walk into a servo and buy a 32oz cup for 79c and if you are in a restaurant or fast food chain, it is free refills. Australia really needs to get with the program. To eat here is so cheap too. Dave and I never pay anymore than $20 for the both of us including drinks. Insane.

Today I got to take Dave to a diner. They make the best food and are decorated in 50-60 style. They are so quaint.

They even had an item on the menu in his name. Mind you I have found on our travels, that Dave is a popular name. Nearly every town has a business with Dave in the name of it. Interesting. Wonder if its like Jim’s at home. Some kind of franchise??

Dave and I took our first swim today. This motel has an indoor heated pool. It was really nice. Hope we get a chance to take a swim again along our travels.

I have to say though I will be speaking with the managers tomorrow, as we have a huge problem in our bathroom. There is water everywhere. The toilet is leaking. I went to get into bed and the carpet is sopping wet. How housekeeping has not noticed this is beyond me. This problem is not something that just happened overnight, this has been going on for months. I wonder if they will give us some kind of discount??

Well I best be calling it a night.

Update you all again soon