Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Ventura County Fair


Well I certainly crashed last night….I had a solid 9 hrs sleep. That is a first in a very long time.

All refreshed we ventured out with our rental car to find some swap meets or flea markets as they are known here. I just put in an address for them and I was a little concerned when the GPS said we had 1hr to get there. I had no idea where Ventura was but hey it was an experience  for Dave to get driving the car. The drive there was beautiful and Ventura is located on the coast, so that was even nicer. It was absolutely huge. The biggest market I have ever been too in my life. I took some pics along the way and seen a little of the countryside too.

Handbag Anyone?

Handbag Anyone?

Entrance to Flea Market

Entrance to Flea Market

We then went to a place called Pasendena….Wow that was an experience.

We found an indoor market, which is just like our Fremantle Markets. Lots of the same sorts of stalls but at a fraction of the price. Dave and I kind of stuck out like Dunnies in a Desert though as were the only ones that were not speaking Spanish.

We found a little electronics shop and got ourselves a second hand GPS system. So now I don’t have to use my phone. Much cheaper. Hopefully my bill won’t be too high.

We shopped a little and then decided it was time to call it a day and head home. We have just finished dinner at a little restaurant around the corner. It was so quiet and good food. So now with full belly and yawning my head off, I am going to call it a night and get ready for a big day tomorrow.

Heading into Hollywood to check out the sights and I want to visit the wax museum. At least this way I get to see some stars and get up close and personal and not find myself in jail….lol.

Lights out!!!!