Road to West Memphis – USA Travel Journal 2012

Well not much to report today. We really just spent the day traveling. Being a Saturday, we thought that many of the shops would be open, but yet again they were closed. Might be that some people decided to take a break from the 4th July through to Monday.

We did stop in a place called Bald Knob in Arkansas…when I seen this on the map, I said to Dave we just have to check in there, just for a laugh. I can’t honestly believe that someone thought that would be a great name for a town. I think someone may have been pulling something when they named it.

Imagine telling someone you lived in Bald Knob. Dave and I cracked up as we traveled down the road, there was a new place in town, a Tyre shop called Hand cock…..seriously so many jokes here.

We are now in West Memphis and looking forward to heading to Graceland tomorrow. Then we plan on taking in the sights of downtown Memphis and finish off a sightseeing tour aboard a paddle boat up the Mississippi River.

We have just been to a place called Iron Skillet for dinner. Wasn’t really sure what to expect by the name but was pleasantly surprised. It was a buffet style restaurant. I finally found some real food. Roast meat and veggies with gravy….mmmmm so good. Dave stuffed himself again. Can’t beat mash and gravy. We couldn’t even fit in dessert.

Well I wonder if I will find Elvis tomorrow???

Till then.

Night all



Road to Memphis – 6.7.2012 – USA Travel Journal


Well today we set off to leave New Orleans and head towards Memphis. I had it all planned out. First I had to make a little detour and find Bon Jovi Blvd. Well I set the GPS and thought we were on the right track. I had checked in the morning before leaving so I knew exactly how long it would take. Well Macca (GPS) decided he wasn’t into directing us in the right direction and sent us on a wild goose chase. We literally drove around in a huge circle back to where we had come from 2 days earlier. Dave was getting so pissed. So out come the trusty phone and maps from google. Turns out we were literally 5 mins from our destination and Macca was telling us we were still 25 mins away..

We eventually found it and I got to take my pic and look at the homes that Jon and his foundation built after Hurricane Katrina. All I could think about was how I could manage to maybe borrow the sign indefinately without being noticeable. Also how cool would it be to have that for an address??? I just want to say that my man is the best in the world and I love him more everyday. Thanks for taking me there , even though you were heard to say ‘ All this for a fucking rock star”..

So we are now in a little place called Winnfield and will continue on to Memphis in the morning. We didn’t really stop at much along the way, as we needed to make up time for all the bloody farting around in Louisiana.

We decided to go into the restaurant that is next to the motel for something to eat and I really wanted a cup of tea. I asked the waitress for a hot tea with milk. She looked at me as though I had asked her to chop her head off. Seriously do I speak a different language. She told me she had never been asked for a hot tea. I then slowly had to explain what to bring me. Well she got the tea bag and cup of hot water right, but then proceeded to bring me the biggest glass of milk to put in my tea….mmmm Dave and I just cracked up. When I told her I only needed enough to place in the cup, she took it away and brought back a smaller cup but still too much for the tea….poor girl, she really didn’t have a clue. Might be that she speaks a different language to me??

Anyway must catch up with my kids.

See you all soon from Tennessee.



New Orleans – 5.7.2012 – USA Travel Journal

Well today we set off for our swamp tour. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Just had visions of big gators attacking the boat.

We had set the gps to find the place and had to be there at 9.30am. Well we made it by the skin of our teeth. It was 9.30 on the dot, but luckily they still let us pay and join the boat. My stupid gps (macca) took us the long way round.

Anyway we got on the boat with the others and our Capt Troy. He was very cool guy and was a bundle of knowledge. He told us about the gators and then proceeded to throw marshmellows out to them. They actually know all of the gators by name and who is who. He told us about the swamp, plants and other animals that habitate in there. It was very cool.

He took us to one of the gators. Her name was Cindy. She is 11ft long and at the moment she has a belly full of eggs. But she was so lazy that she didn’t move a muscle when we approached with the boat. Troy tried to offer her a hotdog on a stick but he said that you practically had to put it in her mouth, to which my wonderful husband responds ‘ she is like most women, won’t eat it unless its put in her mouth’ I instictively slapped him.


Troy asked us where we were all from. When it got to us, Dave replied Down Under…there were lots of strange looks came our way, we then explained from Australia, which in returned I replied ‘ we have really big crocodiles…man eaters!!! Troy agreed. Dave then proceeded to say that they would definately eat his “Black Arse”….I was like ‘ oh no you didn’t!!! This man of mine truely needs a filter!!!

As we continued on our tour, there were a family from Kansas. They had obviously never heard an Australian speak, as this woman turned to me and said *southern African American accent* You speak funny, where y’all from?? I cracked up…I speak funny!!! This family where a scream. They reminded my of those women on Springer or Oprah when they are excited. They were entertainment plus.

Troy then took us up to a tree which had a snake in it. They freaked out. They started saying they were allergic to snakes. Troy was cracking up…said they must be allergic to the swamp. Dave thought at this stage that it would be a great joke to pick up a piece of rope (used to tie boat up) and place it on one of the women…she just about jumped out the boat….everyone was in fits of laughter…her not so much. I did tell her that she had permission to whoop some American arse on him 🙂

As we were heading back to finish the tour, Troy told us that we had to pick up something from one of the other captains. He then said it contained a spider…at which point I was saying “oh no way” can keep that fuckin shit right on the other boat…Troy replied ” well you were happy for my black arse to be eaten!!. Turns out it was a baby gator. He was about 2yrs old. He had been reared by the guys that run the tours. He had been handled from a baby. He was so cute and so quiet. Didn’t even try to snap fingers. But it was so funny when he pissed on one of the men on the boat. Troy said he doesn’t like men & that he peed on men all the time.

We had a great time and I would suggest this to any one who may visit New Orleans in the near future. We used Cajun Encounters.

After leaving the tour, we then went to find a place to stay for the night, this time a little out from the main centre and a little cheaper. We spent the arvo chillaxing and then we went to check out Bourbon St and go on our Vampire tour.

Bourbon St was a blast. New Orleans is definitely one of the places I have liked the most. Party Central. It reminds me of Kuta, Bali. There were certainly plenty of sights to see…mmmm .

We moved on to our Vampire tour at 8.30pm. We started outside the Cathedral. Well I wish they had written in the brochure that we would be taken on a historical walk/talk tour. I could of read it in a brochure. Unfortunately nothing untoward happened on our tour. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the information was very interesting. Vampires real or not??? Something to ponder. My feet are very sore, as we walked for miles and got very disorientated…felt like we walked in circles.

I am a little sad to leave here tomorrow, but I know that I have many more wonderful things to do and see. Can’t wait for Nashville and Memphis.

Well time to call it a night.



New Orleans – 4.7.2012 – USA Travel Journal

4th of July

Today we set off from Lafayette to head to New Orleans. We took our time as we knew that it wasn’t going to take us long to get there. We only stopped for food and drink, as most of the shops were closed today for the holiday.

I did manage to take Dave kicking and screaming into another Hobby Lobby shop. He couldn’t believe the prices either. He was such a great trolley pusher!!! Got some insane bargains. They had 50% off albums and some stickers. So looks like his suitcase is getting filled up too. I’m sure the excess luggage is going to be a killer.

We have now booked into a place for the night after spending the afternoon/evening in the French Quarter. I have never seen so many one way streets in my life and only big enough to get the car down. Would hate to be driving a bus etc. It so busy too. Loving the feel of New Orleans. Very popular area I think. Looking forward to checking it out some more tomorrow.


one of the street performers


While on our travels, we stopped at one of the stores and we are now signed up for a swamp tour and a vampire tour. This could be interesting. Dave is looking forward to the swamp tour, me not so much, but I am going to drag him along to the vampire tour. So we’re even. We are going to check out Bourbon Street too!!

After looking around the French Quarter we decided to go and get a place on the riverfront. There were thousands of people lining the riverfront. They had 2 barges and they let off fireworks simultaneously. It was so cool. It was great to see. Getting out of the parking lot not so great.

Anyway must go now and get some shut eye ready for the adventure to the swamp..

See ya’all soon



Road to Salt Lake City – 21.6.2012 – USA Travel Journal

Waterfalls along the way

Waterfalls along the way

The road to Salt Lake City, Utah was a great drive. We knew we didn’t have far to travel today. We wanted to get there with some time to relax and get laundry done (never escapes me). Catch up on sleep and make sure my little package was waiting for me ( Blue Bear).

We stayed off the highway for most part of the trip and stopped at a little place to have lunch. It was such a quaint spot. Had a real cowboy feel to it. For the life of me can’t remember the name of it. Dave and I both took a look around while waiting for our order. They had some crafty things for sale. I found the most adorable bag and watch, so lunch turned out to be a lot more than anticipated. LOL. As we sat back down to enjoy our lunch, Dave noticed a little handmade out house. Well curiosity got the better of him and he tried to open the door, as he thought that it must of had something inside it…well indeed it did. As he opened the door, the whole thing exploded with walls and roof flying everywhere and I have never seen Dave jump so high in my life…it was definately a moment to remember and left me laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face and the other patrons in uncontrollable fits of laughter. That will teach him to leave things alone!!! But what a scream to see his face….priceless.

So he put it back together and spent the rest of lunch wondering how he was going to make one!! While we were eating some others came into the restaurant and as I was checking out the items for sale, I heard Dave and the rest of the restuarant laughing. The little out house had claimed another victim. So funny. So we left there feeling great. Laughter truely is the best medicine.

We arrived at the motel around 4pm and our little package was waiting for us…I have never been so happy to see a stuffed toy in my life..and Blue Bear was very happy to be reunited with us but boy was he in big trouble. He is now in detention and will not be allowed out to play for a few days.

Blue Bear Banished.

Blue Bear Banished.

Think its time he took a ride in the washing machine…he needs to be cleaned up after his little journey!!

Well time to head out and do the laundry. Take care.



Some awesome artwork along the way

Some awesome artwork along the way

Road to Mountain Home – 20.6.2012 – Travel Journal USA.


Today we set out to get as close to Salt Lake City as possible. We have made it as far as a place called Mountain Home. So glad we are only here for the night but it must be a popular place to stop as we tried to get into some of the motels and they were booked out, so now I am sitting in a dingy little motel run by a creepy chinese man. Think I will definately be out of here early in the morning.

Along our way today we stopped at a little place called Mitchell.

Couldn’t really pass it by, having a son called Mitchell. It was like a little ghost town but it actually had a main street, 2 cafes and a little shop called Judy’s place…she had the most amazing array of antiques and collectables and she was a fountain of knowledge concerning her little town called Mitchell. She told us about its residents, and who owned the previous buildings that now stand empty. She chatted with the locals and told us about the young men building the house in the street. How his grandfather used to own it. Dave watched while they operated a crane, all the while thinking and wanting to operate it for them, as they really didn’t have much of an idea. He quietly stood there, talking to himself saying – lower the rope, boom up and boom down…meanwhile I was laughing thinking how work never really is far from his mind. Judy was an amazing women and it was such a great time to spend getting to the heart of this country…this is what makes the trip special.

Looking forward to stopping along the trail , meeting and talking with more unique and wonderful people and hearing about their passion for their town…

So now I will sign off and look forward to what tomorrow brings.



Road to Redmond – 19.6.12 – USA Travel Journal

2014-08-05 13.06.18

Well Dave and I must of needed that. I dove out of bed at 10am this morning. Dave was mortified. We like to be on the road about 8am , so we can get some miles laid down. But I say lets just take it as it comes. Love the fact I only had some of the trip planned and that we can look at the map and go ‘lets go here today’ but if we choose to change direction then we can do that too..

So as we got a few miles and about 4 hours down the road, I had a sick feeling to my stomach ….BLUE BEAR IS MISSING!!!!

He decided that it was too comfy in bed and didn’t make it to the car on time…I am beside myself with worry. Luckily we made a call to the Motel 6 in Grants Pass and the lovely Rose was able to let us know that he is safe and sound and that they have him. You have no idea how relieved I am…I had felt like I was missing an arm, as I was crying like a baby and trying to tell Dave that he is my link to my children. I feel like they are with me all the way. I have sweaty eyeballs as I write. So BB will be taking a road trip of his own and hopefully will be awaiting us in Utah, Salt Lake City in a couple of days. I know you must all think I am crazy but he really is part of the family. My son loves to see his travels daily. I had to break the news to him just a while ago and he is now worried that he is going to get lost. I have assured him that I will make sure he is safe and sound with us very soon. I am crossing everything he finds his way to us as well. So with much sadness tonight, I must say goodnight or good day to you all and will sleep very restlessly until I have him safe in my hands and then I am going to strap him in the car and make sure he doesn’t disappear again. I’m sure he thought it would be great to take an adventure all of his own.

Blue Bear tucked up in Bed.

Blue Bear tucked up in Bed.

Well signing off now and heading to bed as its very late and hopefully an early start in the morning.


Travel Journal – USA 2012 – Yosemite 16.6.12

Well today we headed off from Big Pine on our way to San Francisco via Yosemite.

It was a beautiful day and we were looking forward to seeing some different country side. Didn’t want anymore windy roads, I had had enough of roller coaster rides for one life time.

We started out with the air con cranked and as we got closer to Yosemite it got a little cooler, so we put the top down on the convertible after some slip, slop and slap and enjoyed the breeze blowing through the hair. Well I had my hat on, so not sure how much hair blowing was going on. We saw some amazing sights. There were waterfalls coming out of the rocks along the road, there was snow capped mountains, sparkling lakes and we even seen some of the local wildlife. Every turn of the road there was something more jaw dropping to see. It was simply breath taking. I had my camera working overtime.

2014-08-05 13.05.00 2014-08-05 13.04.30

When we got out the other side and started to head down the mountain, we had another road full of twists and turns…I was not looking forward to that. Dave took it slow, as we didn’t want a repeat of the previous nights performance of me out the door heaving….well it turns out that Mr Patrol Car was behind us and decided it would be a great idea to flash his lights at us and for us to pull over. He asked why we were going so slow down the hill. Told him that we were just following the road signs…well apparently they are only precautionary signs and the limit was 55 miles. Well good luck to you if you think your car is going to go down there at 55, unless you planned on taking it sideways off the hill. So we were told that if there is more than 3 cars behind you that you need to use a turnout (side clearing) and let them pass. So that was one for the record books….DAVE BEING TOLD HE WAS TOO SLOW!!!! LOL. I’m sure the cop laughed all the way down the hill and told his mates about it after his shift finished , how the Aussie tourist was doing 15mile down a mountain side in a mustang!!! lol.

So once we were back on the highway, Dave made sure that he made up for the lack of speed going down the mountain. We made it in to San Fran only to find that the rooms were so expensive and that some US Open was on, as well as some other events. Trust me to have the worst timing. By this time, we were both tired and grumpy and fed up and just needed a bed and shower. So the trusty GPS got a workout finding a place to stay outside of the city but within enough distance to come back in the morning. Hopefully with much better attitude. Coz right now, I’m not liking San Fran a lot.

So I must go now and look forward to your comments.

Take care and have a nice day

Travel Journal – USA 2012

In 2012 my husband and I travelled to the States for 2.5 months. It was a bucket list item we wanted to tick off our list. As I am an avid scrapbooker, I like to journal my travels. I recently found the notes, so I thought I would share with you the notes from our holiday. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels.

1.6.12 – Leaving for LA

Well the day has finally arrived and we are now on our way to the USA. Dave is a tad excited and I’m not sure how I am going to contain his excitement on the 14 hr + flight.

Our flight out is scheduled for 12.35am. And then connecting in Brisbane to LA.

My children are here and waiting for our flight and to say goodbye. When we got to the counter to check in we were told that the flight wasn’t leaving until 1.20pm. So I was just a tad annoyed that I didn’t check before leaving home. My son Blayde is starting to get agitated and tired and annoying, so its time to say goodbye. This is going to be hardest thing I have ever done.

So after many tears, hugs and kisses, the children have left and now we are waiting for the plane. We were informed that its been circling due to fog and that it should be landing soon and then we can board after its been cleaned etc. At this stage I’m starting to think we may not make our connecting flight.

So after quite some delay, we have finally boarded the plane and by the time we left  it was 2.40am. I certainly hope that the pilot can make up some speed to get to Brisbane on time.

Well we arrived in Brisbane at 9.00am. Our flight to the USA is leaving at 10.30am. We made a mad dash to the bus transfer and checked in at the counter.  The girl on the counter decided to tell us her life story with not a care in the world that we might just miss our flight. She said no your going to be fine. So suitcases checked in, now half a mile hike to the terminal. So much for seeing a little of Brisbane . The only thing we are seeing is that flying kangaroo on the tail of our aircraft. Lucky for us they were a little behind in boarding the flight for LA.

So now its time to board the plane and think about how I am going to make the next 14+ hours with my husband jumping out of his skin and not thinking about work and all the things he didn’t get to do before he left. Think I will take some drugs, drink some alcohol and watch some movies and if all else fails….give Dave the drugs!!! LOL

Catch you all on the flip side.



My son saying goodbye to Blue Bear before he takes his journey to the USA.

1.6.12 – Arrival LA…Living the day over again.

Wooohooo I have made it through that long flight with little sleep, not much to eat and without being sick. So its going to be a good day.

It now time to get the luggage and find the customs to have the passport stamped. We were the last ones through the customs, as we waited in line for 25mins, only to be told that we need to fill in a white form back at the information counter. Dave got a little pissed at this stage. This could turn ugly.  So we filled in the forms and headed back to the customs counter. We passed all the checks and now to pick up the luggage.

We are now off to find food and drink and work out how to get to our little bungalow. I can tell Dave needs food and drink, he is like a feral cat locked up in a cage. Man men can be so hormonal.

Off to find a taxi and check out the pad for our stay in LA for the next 9 days.

So $80 later , we finally arrived at our destination. First stop , shower….man being in the air for that long and the drama’s of flights etc, that was the best shower i have had in a long time..

Checked out the bungalow. It is beautiful and is located quite central to get to attractions around LA, I am going to enjoy my stay here.

 Its time to head to bed and catch up on sleep and surface some time tomorrow. Then we will head out and find a rental car , so we can visit the sights and sounds of California.

Night or afternoon in whatever part of the world you are